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for your entertainment, amusement, and edification

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The book is completed and ready, O gentle people, for your diversion and edification.

It may be found at haius.livejournal.com, so you should read it.


Skipped Back 10

October 26th, 2006

Well, my readers, who at the moment number exactly zero, the great NaNoWriMo 'competition' begins in just a few days. I must say I am terribly excited. Wish I could start writing now, frankly, but my (Haius') efforts to control the minds of the people in charge of it have failed miserably. Distance, I suppose. So for now here I sit, dictating to my webmaster - or perhaps 'webSLAVE' is a more appropriate term. At any rate, this is blatant self-fan-ficking, so I really ought to stop. Too bad no one will ever read this... well, maybe nemasen. But no one else. Mind powers notwithstanding.

(Webmaster's Note: AM SO TIRED.)

I heard that.
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