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Wow - I - I Feel So Alive -

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Wow - I - I Feel So Alive -

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die evildoers
GUESS WHAT GUESS WHAT GUESS WHAT Guess what I did!  I totally crossed over the mountains!  I can see the ocean!  Or else it's a big, flat, lifeless plain - I can't tell!  Because I've never actually seen the ocean, even though I'm kind of old in solar years, because I led such a sheltered life up until now!  But I don't care what it is because I can see it and it isn't mountain and IT ISN'T RAINING OMG!!

Whew.  Now that I've got that out of my system, I must say, these past few days, though miserable as always, have been terribly terribly exhilarating.  For instance, I got to forage for food.  How cool is that!  I ate mushrooms.  Mushrooms!  Me!  OMG!

And, and, get this, do you know what else I did?  I crossed a raging river!  And not even just one, but TWO!  Two raging rivers, crossed by me, on half-rotten fallen logs that could have, and almost did, collapse under my very slight weight.  I could have DIED.  But the thing is, I DIDN'T!  I'm alive, and I've escaped from Tarnitia, and there's not a sign of Haius and her evil folk ANYWHERE!  AND THE SUN IS SHINING!!!  I'm so happy I feel like singing!

The hills are alive!  With the sound of MUSIC!  With songs they have sung!  For a thousand YE-E-EARS!!!  La la la la la!  La la sound of mu-u-sic!  A-a-a-ah!  Na na na na na na na na!  Na na!
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