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Reminiscing on the Run

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Reminiscing on the Run

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snowy mountains
Don't know where I am at the moment, but this is certainly not the first time I've been lost.  The first time I've ever been lost without any roads or rivers to follow, but not the first time I've been lost.  And of course this time I'm being pursued by hordes of murderous beasties, but, well, I don't know, maybe I've got some kind of hidden stores of courage... or something...

Who am I kidding?  I haven't got any hidden stores of courage!  I haven't got any stores of courage at all!  My store of courage is Louis Vuitton or something!  Assuming I even know what Louis Vuitton is!  Which I do - they sell purses!  Very cute purses!  Which I would buy if I wasn't a boy!  Which I occasionally wish I wasn't!  Like right now!

Oh, shoot, did I really just say that?  Oops.

I really don't actually want to be a girl.  I'm perfectly happy being a boy.  Really.  Honest.

But sometimes I'd prefer to be a more courageous sort of boy...
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