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Pure Escapism

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The book is completed and ready, O gentle people, for your diversion and edification.

It may be found at haius.livejournal.com, so you should read it.

Pure Escapism

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I did it! I escaped! Me! The guy who couldn't sleep with the lights off until he was thirteen because he was scared of the monster that lived in his closet - which is silly, because there was no monster in my closet, right? I mean, there was that one time when I was lying in bed and there was this creepy tap... tap... tap... and a growling sound from inside the closet, and then the door started to creek open - I was so terrified I almost wet the bed - I couldn't move, and then suddenly the door flew open with a BANG and this shadow leapt out at me with a roar - and then I screamed and screamed and then realised that the monster was laughing at me - laughing so hard that he couldn't stand, and I leaned over the foot of the bed and it turned out that the monster was my brother. And then my mother came racing up the stairs along with half the palace guards and when she saw what had happened she got so furious - not just at my brother, who you will all agree was the culprit in the matter, but at me! What did I do?! She told me I was a sissy and a stupid child and that there were no such as monsters and that I was grounded for a week. She grounded my brother too, of course, but he never did anything he was told and so much for that. Look, now I'm getting all weepy. He's dead, you know, and so is she. I miss them so much. And my sisters - I had three sisters, and a nephew, and they're all dead... >sob< Goddess, now I can't stop crying . I... I need some time alone now... >wail< >sob
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