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~Stop Him! He's Getting Away!~
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I, Queldale Silvertip, am - was - the webmaster for Haius Mooneyes, evil person extraordinaire (who is also on livejournal and recently completed a novella which can be found on the site), while she was creating the aforementioned novella for NaNoWriMo. Why? Mostly because I, unlike her, write, and I, unlike her, have technical savvy. She is too absorbed with evil things to produce much besides doom, death, and destruction. I, on the other hand, am an artistic and educated metrosexual with access to culture, not to mention a computer. She sure is lucky to have me around, despite the fact that we are bitter enemies. (It's a long story.) But we have a nice deal - I manage her web stuff, and she doesn't kill me. So. Good times.

But now that the book is done, and because I don't want to die, I've escaped Her Evilness and now I'm on the run. As I am completely lacking in courage, masculinity, physical fitness, wherewithal, etc etc etc - that is, anything which might aid me in getting away from Haius alive - it shan't be too long before she catches me, and then I'm doomed. Goodbye, Quel, it was nice to know you.